Estate & Wealth Transition Planning

Protect what you've earned, today and tomorrow


60% of American Adults Are Unprepared

Beyond inconvenience and financial uncertainty at the        worst  possible  time, the lack of a will and  estate plan        places your loved ones – especially minor children – at peril.  We'll help you ensure that your family will be as    prepared as possible should the unthinkable occur.


For Families and Individuals at all Ages

Estate Planning is a proactive step to protect what                you’ve earned and to secure your family's future.                        Our holistic approach ensures the efficient transition                   of wealth to your chosen beneficiaries with minimal                  tax impacts and probate costs.


Estate Planning Legal Services

♦ Wills and Revocable Living Trusts

♦ Durable Power of Attorney

♦ Probate Avoidance Strategies

♦ Advance Medical Directives

♦ Estate Tax Planning

♦ Irrevocable Trusts

♦ Business Succession and Contingency Planning