In a Lawyer’s Office, Tunnel Vision Is the Last Thing You Need

Our Transparent, people-first approach


Our Clients Deserve Transparency

It didn’t take long working for large firms for Aaron to understand why so many people are frustrated with the high cost of their legal representation.  The law is complex, but protecting and serving our clients need not be.  We work on a flat-fee basis.  Our service may exceed your expectations, but your bill will not.


The Right Plan Leads to Financial Independence

Because we meet clients at different stages of their journeys, we craft a customized approach to achieving their goals. We focus on safeguarding what our clients have earned, and maximizing what they stand to gain on their journey to financial independence.


Proven, Trusted, Disciplined

There is simply no substitute for doing the right things at the right time and for the right reasons. This means taking the time, every time, to ask the right questions and to listen to your answers.  If we understand your goals and your needs, we can help you achieve long-term protection and prosperity for yourself and your loved ones.